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Cost Analysis: Investing in Removable Partial Dentures

dentist tell patient about investing in removable partial dentures

Removable partial dentures (RPDs) are standard options for replacing lost teeth. That’s true, in part, because they produce positive aesthetic and functional results for most patients. However, they’re also often cost-effective compared to other tooth replacement options.

Want to end the suffering of missing teeth while saving money? Investing in removable partial dentures may make perfect sense for you. Just talk to the local professionals at NewStart Denture + Implant Partners today. We’re standing by with the information you need to analyze the costs of an RPD. You can count on us when you need real solutions for real budgets. 

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What Are the Benefits of Removable Partial Dentures?

The benefits of removable partial dentures aren’t just economic. An RPD that’s appropriately customized to fit your mouth can:

  • Restore your confidence when you smile
  • Help maintain the overall shape of your face
  • Make it easier for you to talk and chew your food

Moreover, many people find it easier to adjust to an RPD than complete dentures. With such facts in mind, it’s easy to understand why these are not your granddad’s dentures!

Still, cost is a primary consideration for many patients. The exact amount you’ll pay for an RPD can vary. However, you’ll generally pay less than you would for complete dentures. And you’ll also save a lot of money compared to the cost of permanent dental implants. For these reasons, investing in removable partial dentures is often the way to go.

The Cost of an RPD

Cost is a significant consideration for any dental work. That’s especially true for dental procedures and prosthetics not covered by dental insurance. When considering how to pay for removable partial dentures, you should keep certain things in mind.

First, the cost of an RPD can vary according to:

  • How many teeth you need to replace
  • The material used to create the frame for your RPD

As a rule, a partial denture with multiple teeth will cost more than one with a single tooth. Metal is the most cost-effective and durable material for an RPD frame. However, some patients have partial dentures with a more expensive plastic frame. You may need to go with this option if you’re allergic to the material used for metal frames.

Your RPD provider can also significantly impact your costs. Some providers require full-price payments in all circumstances. However, others perform the same high-quality work at a substantially reduced price. 

Paying for Your Removable Partial Dentures

While RPDs are cost-effective, they are still a significant expense for the average patient. You may be able to pay all costs upfront. However, you may also need a partial denture payment plan. This kind of plan allows you to gradually pay your RPD costs, helping make the dental work you need more affordable.

The terms of a partial denture payment plan aren’t always the same. One that works for you should feature monthly repayments that fit your budget. It should also give you ample time to pay back the full amount. What’s more, a workable plan should have a relatively low-interest rate.

Get Advice on Investing in Removable Partial Dentures at NewStart

Removable partials are an excellent option for many patients who need to replace lost teeth. An RPD not only boosts your appearance and dental function. It can also save you money compared to other common replacement alternatives. 

Need more information on how to pay for removable partial dentures? Get it today at NewStart Denture + Implant Partners. Ready to purchase your RPD? We’re here for you with flexible payment plans that keep your final costs as low as possible. Just call us at 919.822.9154 or contact us through our online form.