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Dental Bridges

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dentist explaining dental bridges to patient using a modelWhile dental implants are one way to replace missing teeth, dental bridges are another popular option that offers its own unique set of benefits. Our full-arch fixed implant bridge experience offers numerous advantages for those looking for an updated option to removable dentures.

Our Raleigh, North Carolina dental solutions can give you the smile of your dreams in fewer appointments. We offer real solutions for real budgets—and our dental bridges are no exception. Call 919.822.9154 or schedule a consultation online today to get started.

What Are Dental Bridges?

A dental bridge is a dental prosthetic that bridges the gap created by one or more missing teeth. Unlike dental implants, which are placed directly into the jawbone, dental bridges are placed on top of the gums. However, dental bridges can be attached to dental implants for added stability and support.

Dental bridges are usually made of porcelain or ceramic to match the color of your natural teeth. These materials are also strong and durable, making them ideal for long-lasting dental bridges.

There are many benefits of dental bridges, which is why they are such a popular solution for those missing one or more teeth. Benefits of dental bridges include:

  • Improved appearance – Dental bridges can give you a fuller, more youthful smile.
  • Improved oral health – Dental bridges help to keep your teeth in alignment, which can improve your oral health.
  • Improved speech – Dental bridges can help with speech problems caused by missing teeth.
  • Improved chewing – Dental bridges can help with chewing problems caused by missing teeth.
  • Improved self-esteem – Dental bridges can help improve your self-esteem by giving you a fuller, more natural-looking smile.

What Is the Procedure for Getting Dental Bridges?

The dental bridge procedure usually takes two to three visits. During the first visit, your teeth will be prepared for dental bridges by removing any decay or damaged tooth structure. Using revolutionary CAD/CAM technology, we can then take impressions of your teeth to create a dental bridge that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

On the second visit, your dental bridge will be placed on your teeth and checked for fit. Once we are sure the dental bridge is a comfortable fit, it will be permanently bonded to your teeth.

You will then be given instructions on how to care for your dental bridges, as well as any dietary restrictions you may need to follow. Care for dental bridges is similar to the way you would care for your natural teeth, which includes brushing twice daily and flossing once daily.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Dental Bridges?

Dental bridges are a great solution for those who have one or more missing teeth. Dental bridges can also be used to close gaps in your smile or to improve the function of your bite.

Some of the things dentists will consider when determining if dental bridges are the right solution for you include:

  • The number of teeth you are missing
  • The location of the missing teeth
  • The health of your remaining teeth
  • Your bite
  • Your dental history
  • Your overall health

If you have a history of gum disease, it is important to get this under control before dental bridges can be placed.

The NewStart Denture + Implant Partners Dental Bridge Solution

Our bridge solution is ideal for those who want a fixed bridge secured onto implants that stays in place. This solution includes:

  • Four lower jaw implants
  • A temporary implant bridge to try out for several months
  • Your beautiful NewStart Secure Bridge to restore near-normal chewing ability and the confidence to speak and smile like your old self again

We can also provide upper jaw solutions.

To schedule a consultation to see if dental bridges are the right solution for you, call us today at 919.822.9154 or book a consultation online.