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Featuring New Revolutionary Digital Denture Solutions.
Dentures today don't have to be like the dentures of old. At NewStart, our revolutionary digital technology, advanced design, and 3D printers create stronger, cleaner, and more comfortable dentures in fewer appointments than ever before. So leave the cheap, ill-fitting dentures behind. NewStart is your New Solution for better living.
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The Perfect Solution Promise

Expert Team

Our team of denture experts have decades of experience finding the right treatment plan, the PERFECT SOLUTION, for thousands of patients facing the prospect of losing teeth or looking for a more secure implant option.

Advanced Digital Technology

Denture solutions can be crafted more quickly, with better fit, and with the benefit of a permanent record of our successful solutions.

Fewer Appointments

Need to bring Mom or Dad to their appointments? Still working and hard to get to the dentist? NewStart Digital Technology has you covered with fewer appointments!

Premium Materials

Who doesn’t want a denture that stays cleaner, is more resistant to breakage, fits better and has the smile of your dreams?
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Our Patients with NewStart Results

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The Future of Dentures is Available Today

A Digital Design 

Becomes a Beautiful Custom Denture

The future of denture care is digital, and we’ve been providing digital denture care since 2015, and conventional denture care for decades. Almost anyone who is a candidate for dentures will appreciate the benefits of NewStart’s digital technology to achieve The Perfect Solution. Using our revolutionary system, our team can capture all the necessary information to design an accurate, comfortable, well-fitting, aesthetic denture—in fewer office visits than ever before. Plus, a permanent digital record is maintained to create a replacement or duplicate denture if ever needed.

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Becomes a Beautiful Custom Denture

NewStart Treatment Solutions

No Matter Your Needs. We have the Right Solution For you - in Fewer Appointments.

Fresh Denture Experience



For a patient seeking a NewStart Denture to replace an old denture with some elements that the patient hopes to carry over to the new denture. This solution can often be accomplished in just two visits.
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New Denture Experience



For a patient seeking a NewStart Denture who does not have an existing denture, or the old denture is too worn to be of assistance in designing the new denture. This solution includes an appointment to evaluate a new design and can often be accomplished in just three visits.
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First-Time Denture Experience



For a patient making the NewStart transition from their teeth to a denture. This total care solution includes a healing denture placed the day the teeth are extracted, follow up care including a temporary lining of your healing denture, and a second NewStart Denture once healing has progressed.
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Removable Partial Denture Experience



Sometimes saving just a few key teeth--with or without the addition of an implant or two-- can result in a beautiful and secure NewStart Partial Denture solution.
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Implant Denture



For a patient wanting a denture that snaps securely in place but still comes in and out for easy cleaning and maintenance. This lower jaw solution includes two implants and a NewStart Secure-Snap Overdenture. Pricing higher for upper jaw solutions.
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Full-Arch Fixed Implant Bridge Experience



For a patient wanting a fixed bridge secured onto implants that stays in place. This solution includes four lower jaw implants, a temporary implant bridge to try out for several months, and your beautiful, NewStart Secure Bridge to restore near normal chewing ability and the confidence of speaking and smiling like your old self again. Pricing higher for upper jaw solutions.
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Learning about Dentures and Dental Implant Solutions

What do you mean by The Perfect Solution? Nothing is perfect.

Every patient presents with different circumstances and different goals. The Perfect Solution is a partnership with you to find the treatment plan that best suits your goals, dental history, health, and budget.

I heard dental implants are expensive. Can I afford a NewStart Solution?

Dental implants do represent a significant investment in your smile. The NewStart partnership seeks to find the best use for the fewest number of implants to keep your costs manageable.

I don't want dental implants. Can NewStart help me?

Of course, not every patient will want or need dental implants. We have the experience, and in fact LOVE, to make dentures and partials with, or WITHOUT, dental implants.

Does NewStart offer payment plans?

NewStart partners with CareCredit, Lending Club and others to assist you in getting care needed so you can start enjoying your smile and stop worrying about your teeth.

Will all of my care be in the NewStart office?

Our doctors are committed to providing the best care in the safest manner and most care can be provided in our state of the art facility. We are also happy to partner with your oral surgeon or periodontist for your surgical implant care and our concierge care specialist will coordinate everything! 

Why Partners?

Our founders, Drs. Gray and Scurria, were classmates in dental school and spent decades mastering the craft of denture care in separate offices. They are so pleased to now come together to use the latest digital technology to become your NewStart Denture + Implant Partner. We partner with our patients to find The Perfect Solution. We partner with dentists in our community to be a resource for the many patients in need of denture and implant care. We partner with our surgical implant colleagues to provide an expert level of restoration on their carefully placed implants. We partner....get the idea? (wink, wink!)

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