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What to Expect When Extracting a Tooth

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Tooth extraction can be a nerve-wracking experience, whether it’s your first time removing a tooth or not. You may be curious as to why teeth need to be extracted or what happens during the procedure. Your initial tooth extraction expectations may or may not be realistic. Therefore, it’s time to be certain.

In order to achieve peace of mind, let’s discuss everything you need to know about tooth removal in Raleigh, North Carolina, including what to expect, how to prepare, and what happens afterward. So, if you’re feeling anxious about your upcoming tooth extraction, the following information should address your concerns.

Why Do Teeth Need To Be Extracted?

There are a variety of reasons why teeth may need to be extracted. Firstly, wisdom teeth commonly need to be removed because there isn’t enough space in the mouth for them to properly emerge.

In addition, teeth may need to be removed when they have become decayed, infected, or damaged due to trauma. Tooth extraction may also be necessary if a tooth is causing overcrowding issues or if a patient is preparing for orthodontic treatment or dental implants.

What Are Your Tooth Extraction Expectations?

It’s important to know what to expect during a tooth extraction so that you can prepare yourself emotionally and physically. The procedure itself is typically straightforward, with most extractions taking between 20–40 minutes.

Before the extraction, your dentist will numb the area around the tooth with a local anesthetic. You may experience some pressure or pulling sensations during the extraction, but the anesthetic will ensure you don’t feel any pain.

What To Expect in Tooth Removal

During the extraction, your dentist will use special instruments to carefully loosen the tooth from the socket. They will then remove the tooth and apply pressure to the area to stop any bleeding. Depending on the type of extraction, your dentist may place sutures in the area to promote healing, which will typically dissolve or fall out on their own in a few days.

How Do I Prepare for My Tooth Extraction?

Before your tooth extraction, ensure you have someone to come with you to the appointment and take you home afterward. This is necessary as you may feel some drowsiness from the anesthetic.

You may want to ask your dentist about pain management options before the extraction and make any necessary arrangements, such as taking time off work and arranging childcare if necessary.

Does Tooth Removal Hurt?

It’s normal to feel some discomfort after your tooth extraction, such as swelling and soreness in the area. However, your dentist will provide pain management options such as over-the-counter pain medication or prescription painkillers to help alleviate any pain.

For the first few days after the extraction, it’s important to avoid certain foods and drinks, stick to soft and cool foods, and avoid sucking through straws or smoking.

Sedation Options for Tooth Extraction

If you’re feeling particularly anxious about your tooth extraction, your dentist may offer you sedation options. These can range from mild sedatives to general anesthesia, depending on your individual needs and preferences.

Be sure to discuss these options with your dentist beforehand so that they can help you make an informed decision.

What Do I Need To Do After My Tooth Extraction?

After your tooth extraction, it’s important to follow your dentist’s instructions for recovery carefully. This may include:

  • Changing gauze pads
  • Taking antibiotics
  • Rinsing your mouth with saltwater

Be sure to attend any follow-up appointments with your dentist to ensure that your extraction site is healing properly.

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