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Do I Need to Prepare for a Cone Beam 3D CBCT Scan?

man getting ready for cone beam 3D cbct scan preparation

Dental technology has seen significant advancements in recent years, and cone beam 3D CBCT scans are a significant innovation. NewStart Denture + Implant Partners uses cone beam 3D CBCT scans as part of the pre-implant process as well as a part of denture solutions. This advanced imaging technology gives us better visibility of the patient’s mouth for a more accurate diagnosis.

Cone beam 3D CBCT treatment in North Carolina at NewStart Denture + Implant Partners is non-invasive and painless. It involves the patient standing in front of a machine that takes high-resolution X-rays of the patient’s mouth. The scan only lasts for a few minutes, and we use protective shielding to ensure the safety of our patients. Cone beam 3D CBCT scan preparation is minimal, and patients don’t need to do any special preparation prior to their scan.

Call us at 919.822.9154 with any questions or concerns about CBCT. It’s always important to understand the process and how it affects your treatment, so please don’t hesitate to reach out.

An Overview of Cone Beam 3D CBCT

Cone beam 3D CBCT (or cone beam computed tomography) is a type of X-ray imaging technology used in dental care. It uses digital technology to take high-resolution pictures that allow us to see the entire mouth and jaw structure with greater detail than traditional X-rays, giving us more accurate information for diagnosis and treatment planning. This technology has revolutionized the way dentists diagnose and treat dental issues, making it easier to detect problems like:

  • Cavities
  • Tooth decay
  • Gum disease
  • TMJ dysfunction

One way cone beam 3D CBCT is used by denture specialists is to create a 3D model of the patient’s jaw and mouth. This allows us to assess the appropriate size, shape, and positioning of implants or dentures for optimal results.

Preparing for Your Cone Beam 3D CBCT Scan

Do you need to prepare for a cone beam 3D CBCT scan? The answer is “not really.” As a patient, you don’t need to prepare much for this type of scan. You don’t have to fast, drink water, or eat a specific meal before the procedure. The only real preparation you need to do is to wear clothes that are comfortable and appropriate for the scan. It is recommended to inform your dentist of any allergies you may have before going for the scan.

During the scan, you will stand, sit, or lie down while a machine rotates around you. The cone-shaped beam moves in a circle to capture images. This motion continues as the machine takes several X-rays from different angles. The entire process takes only a few minutes, and the patient will usually experience no discomfort. You may be given instructions to remain still during the procedure to ensure the images are clear.

After the scan, you can resume your daily activities without restriction or limitation. The CBCT scan produces images quickly and efficiently, allowing the imaging results and any potential dental implant planning to be conducted in a much shorter time frame.

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Cone beam 3D CBCT is utilized when dental experts require a more detailed examination of the mouth before placing dental implants or creating dentures at NewStart Denture + Implant Partners. The scan doesn’t require any serious preparation. Patients only need comfortable clothing and should inform their dentist of any allergies they might have. The process typically takes a few short minutes, and after the scan, patients can resume their daily activities immediately.

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