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dentist explains what's on the screen while looking at a scan from a digital intraoral scannerIn the modern era, technology has revolutionized almost every field, and dentistry is no exception. With digital intraoral scanners, there has been a significant shift towards more efficient and accurate dental care. When it comes to creating dentures, using digital intraoral scanners has become the new norm. This technology allows dentists to quickly and accurately scan a patient’s mouth, providing detailed images that can be used in the creation of dentures.

At NewStart Denture + Implant Partners, we use digital intraoral scanners to create our Raleigh, North Carolina denture solutions. These digital mouth scanners allow us to quickly and accurately capture a patient’s bite, ensuring the most comfortable fit for our dentures. Reach out to our team today at 919.822.9154 to find out how we can craft The Perfect Solution for you.

What Are Digital Intraoral Scanners?

Digital intraoral scanners are devices used by dentists to take digital impressions of a patient’s teeth and gums. These scanners use optical scanning technology to create a 3D model of the oral cavity, which is then used to create custom-fitting dentures. 

Compared to traditional impression techniques that involve the use of messy materials, digital intraoral scanners are painless, efficient, and provide accurate results. This technology has completely revolutionized the field of dentistry by providing a more accurate and efficient way of creating dental restorations.

How We Use Digital Intraoral Scanners when Creating Dentures

At NewStart Denture + Implant Partners, we use digital intraoral scanners to create dentures for our patients. Using this technology, we take digital impressions of the oral cavity so that we can create dentures that fit precisely and comfortably.

Once the 3D model is created, we use specialized software to design the dentures. This software allows us to adjust the size, shape, and color of the teeth so that we can create a natural-looking smile that complements the patient’s facial features. Once the design is complete, we send it off to a laboratory where the dentures are fabricated using state-of-the-art materials.

The Benefits of Digital Intraoral Scanners

Why are digital oral scanners the preferred choice when creating dentures? These scanners provide us with:

  • Increased accuracy – Digital intraoral scanners provide more precise impressions of the oral cavity compared to traditional impression techniques. This accuracy ensures that the dentures fit more comfortably and securely.
  • Faster turnaround times – With digital intraoral scanners, we can create dentures much more quickly than with traditional impression techniques. This means that our patients can receive their dentures sooner and get back to their normal lives.
  • Improved patient experiences – Digital intraoral scanners are painless and don’t require patients to sit through messy impressions. This makes the process much more comfortable and less intimidating for our patients.
  • Customization – With specialized software used alongside digital intraoral scanners, we can customize the size, shape, and color of the teeth to fit the patient’s specific needs.
  • High-quality materials – The dentures that are created using digital intraoral scanners are made from high-quality materials, which ensures that they’re durable, long-lasting, and look natural.

If you’re interested in dental care that takes advantage of the latest technologies, get in touch with NewStart Denture + Implant Partners today!

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If you’re in the Raleigh area and are looking for a more efficient and accurate way of creating dentures, contact NewStart Denture + Implant Partners today. Our team of experts uses state-of-the-art technology, including digital intraoral scanners, to provide our patients with high-quality denture and implant solutions. You can trust our team to provide excellent care and the best results. Call 919.822.9154 or reach out to our team online today.