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Hybrid Prosthesis Implant

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a dentist holds up a model of a hybrid prosthesis implant to explain to a patient

At NewStart Denture + Implant Partners, we are proud to offer patients in Raleigh, North Carolina, dental implant solutions that include hybrid prosthesis implants. Our hybrid prosthesis implant combines traditional dental implants and dentures, providing the best of both technologies in one convenient solution.

The hybrid prosthesis implant is designed to be more comfortable and stable than traditional dentures. It gives you the same natural look and feel of teeth with greater stability. Our hybrid prosthesis implant is also more affordable than conventional dental implants. They make an excellent choice for those who want to restore their smile without breaking the bank.

Our hybrid prosthesis implant is a great way to restore your smile and improve oral health. Don’t hesitate to contact us today at 919.822.9154 to learn more about this innovative solution. We look forward to helping you find the perfect hybrid prosthesis implant for your needs!

What Is a Prostheses Dental Implant?

If you are missing teeth or have significant oral damage, a prostheses dental implant is the perfect hybrid prosthesis to consider. This type of implant offers the natural look of a real tooth and provides permanent, secure anchoring for your dental hybrid appliance. Implant placement surgery is relatively straightforward and can provide a convenient solution that requires minimal maintenance. Also, due to their design and materials, these implants can tolerate forces just like natural teeth would.

Who Is a Candidate for a Dental Prosthesis Implant?

Anyone who needs to replace one or more missing teeth may be a great candidate for a hybrid prosthesis implant. This offers the most stability and security when it comes to dental prostheses. First, a dental professional will assess the area of your mouth and make sure you qualify for the procedure. After that, it can take one to two visits to complete the process.

The hybrid prosthesis implant is placed permanently into your jawbone and replaces both parts of your tooth root and its visible portion. Not only will implants restore function, but they will also look and feel like your natural teeth! Lastly, with proper care, hybrid prostheses are built to last longer than other dental restorations. A dental prosthesis implant can offer you a new lease on life!

Benefits of a Hybrid Dental Implant

Hybrid dental implants are a revolutionary answer to the problems posed by traditional dentistry. They offer strength and stability comparable to fixed bridges without requiring invasive surgery as with single implant solutions. The result? Improved oral health due to greater comfort, less risk of infection, and easy cleaning—as brushing and flossing can be done using existing techniques. Some immediate benefits of a hybrid dental implant include the following:

  • Aesthetic restoration of missing teeth
  • An improved masticatory function that allows you to enjoy meals more fully
  • A durable and long-lasting solution that requires minimal maintenance
  • Increased self-confidence due to improved oral appearance

A hybrid dental implant also provides a superior aesthetic outcome that looks more natural and feels more secure than ever before. With fewer trips to the dentist over time, not to mention increased confidence in your smile, this innovative approach is transforming lives!

Contact NewStart Denture + Implant Partners to Schedule an Appointment for a Dental Implant in North Carolina

If you’ve been searching for an experienced dental team to provide hybrid prosthesis implant solutions in Raleigh, North Carolina, look no further than NewStart Denture + Implant Partners. Our professional and knowledgeable staff is committed to providing superior service to every patient while educating them on their options and helping them make informed decisions about their oral health. We offer hybrid prostheses dental implants at competitive prices, and our experienced team will guide you through the entire process from start to finish.

So, if you are ready to take control of your oral health and get a hybrid prosthesis implant, contact NewStart Denture + Implant Partners today at 919.822.9154 for a consultation!